A10 Mk 1A Close Support (CS) Tank

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Designed by Vickers, the A10 was developed as a more heavily armoured version of the A9 to enable it to work with infantry. The armour basis was increased from 14mm to 30mm.

The A10 had the same turret and the same basic boat-shaped hull as the A9. The extra armour was simply bolted to the outside of the hull and turret structures. The increased weight reduced the top speed considerably.

The auxiliary machine gun turrets were discarded in favour of a single mg. mounted in the hull alongside the driver and a co-axial mg. in the turret. Both of these were BESAs - used for the first time in a British tank. 175 had been built by the time production ceased in September 1940.

30 of these were the Close Support (CS) version where the 3.7in howitzer relaced the normal 2pdr. The howitzer could fire smoke or H.E. shells. A10s fought alongside A9s in France in 1940 and Libya in 1940-41. Sand shields were provided for desert use, but were not always fitted.

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