Hillman 5cwt Light Utility

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Four successful pre-war family saloon cars were used as the basis for the 5cwt. Light Utility trucks which served with all branches of the British Armed Forces during (and after) World War 2. These were the Austin 10, Hillman "Minx"™, the Morris Series "M"™ and the Standard Twelve.

The Austin, Hillman and Morris chassis were all fitted with similar bodies. These had fixed sides, with a drop tailboard. The detachable canvas tilt had an opening section at the forward end of the roof and on either side. The rear compartment had two seats which could be folded forward to leave a flat floor. The back of the cab was open to the main body and the front passenger seat folded forward to allow access.

Later models had a one-piece tilt and the civilian style radiator grills were replaced with simple wire mesh.

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