Daimler Armoured Car MkII

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The Daimler was the best British armoured car of World War 2. The Mk I entered service with the Armoured Car Regiments of Armoured Divisions in 1941 and was used primarily for recce. Reliable, fast and compact, it was very popular with it's crews.

It was armed with a 2pdr. and a co-axial 7.92mm Besa m.g. Four -wheel drive with independent suspension all round provided good "off-road" capability and the four litre 95 bhp engine gave it a top speed of 50 mph.

The Mk II was introduced early in 1944 and featured a revised engine deck and radiator layout. The driver was given an escape hatch above his head and the gun was fitted with a new, thicker mantlet. By this stage of the war, a HE round had been developed for the 2pdr., so there was no need for a CS version of the Mk II. Total production of both marks was 2694. Armour 16mm, crew 3.

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