M4A3 Sherman - Mid Production

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Accepted into service in October 1941, the M4 series was the most widely produced and used Allied tank of World War 2. It was not particularly well armoured, or equipped with a very powerful gun: but it was fast, rugged, reliable, uncomplicated and simple to maintain.

The main reason for the large number of marks of the Sherman (M4 through M4A6) was the constant shortage of engines. There were never enough of one type available to enable production to be standardised. The first of the Ford-engined M4A3s was built in late May 1942 and the type went on to become the major U.S. service variant.

The vehicle depicted by this kit was built around August 1943 and was one of the last of the initial production run of some 1700. It has applique armour on the hull sides over the positions of the 'dry' ammunition racks and also on the turret side to give extra protection to the gunner's position. It has the wider M34A1 combination gun mount, that permitted the use of a telescopic gun sight. All M4A3s had the one piece cast transmission cover on the nose.

In February 1944, the first 75mm armed M4A3s with 'wet' ammunition stowage (Kit no. 936) entered service; followed the next month by those armed with the 76mm gun (Kit no. 934). Overall, in all versions, more M4A3s were built than any other Sherman mark.

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