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In 1937/38 the Germans formed four LEICHTE DIVISIONEN as fast, highly mobile, semi-mechanised formations - the (then) modern equivalent to the old cavalry. Each had one or two Cavalry Rifle Regiments, each organised into two or three rifle Battalions, each typically of three horsed rifle Squadrons plus supporting motorised troops.

These four Light Divisions fought in Poland as did the 1st Kavallerie Brigade. This unit was raised to divisional status in time for the 1940 French campaign and went on to fight in Russia until the end of 1941, when it became 24 Panzer Division. The four Light Divisions became Panzer Divisions 6-9 in mid-1940.

However, after 1941, there were always German cavalry units operating in Russia performing the traditional roles of reconnaissance and pursuit. They were a means of providing mobile striking forces under Russian conditions, where the horse had advantages over motor transport at times. The Waffen SS had the FLORIAN GEYER Division (15th, 16th, 17th and 18th SS Kavallerie Regiments) and mounted regiments were operating as autonomous units with the Army during 1941 and 1942. In May 1943 six regiments were combined to form the Army KOSAKEN (Cossack) Division, patterned after the Russian cavalry and having largely horse-drawn support units.

Early in 1944 there were still a number of independent cavalry regiments operating with Army Group Centre. In May, these were used to form the basis of 3 and 4 Kavallerie Brigades each with strong, partly motorised supporting units. In February 1945 they were upgraded to divisional status.

At the War's end, there were officially two Army and four SS cavalry divisions in the field, with a fifth SS one forming.

*This pack includes 6 Horses & Riders, weapons & equipment. This set goes well with the MG - Doppelwagen (Type 36) #1000 please click here for further information.

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