B IV Panzer Jaeger

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In the last months of the war desperate measures were employed to try and halt the advance of the Red army. Lack of resources meant that "interim solutions" had to use whatever was available.

One of the priorities was for mobile anti-tank weapons and to this end a battery of six Racketenpanzerbuchse 54/1 were mounted on Bogward B IV demolition vehicles and operated by a gunner sitting alongside the driver. The 8.8cm RPzB 54/1 had a range of about 200m and could penetrate up to 160mm of armour at 60 degrees.

The operational tactic was for the B IV to drive out of its hiding place, fire all six rockets simultaneously and then retire behind the smoke from it's front-mounted smoke grenade launchers to reload. Sources claim that 56 Ausfs. A, B & C were converted. However, the limited photographic evidence appears to show only Ausfuhrung B vehicles and they are the subject of this kit.

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