Cromwell Mk VIII F

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The Cromwell was one of the most successful British Tank designs of World War 2. Powered by the Rolls Royce Meteor engine, it was fast and reliable. In all there were eight Marks (1 to VIII) and six hull types (A to F), producing a confusing variety of vehicles.

The 95mm armed Mark VIII was a re-worked Cromwell VI with thicker (101mm) frontal armour and 15½ inch wide tracks. The F-type hull featured a side escape hatch for the driver as well as for the hull gunner. Crew 5. The kit features turret stowage boxes, common on F-type hulls.

Cromwells equipped the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiments of the British Armoured Divisions of 21 Army Group from D-Day onwards. Some were still in service at the start of the Korean War.

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