Sd. Kfz 10/4 with 2.0cm Flak 38

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In Germany, design work started as early as 1926 on a planned series of half-tracked prime movers as artillery towing vehicles and transports for engineer and other specialist units.

Development of the Sd.Kfz10 light platoon/section tractor, capable of towing a 1-tonne load began in 1932 and the type entered service in 1938. Some 25,000 were built by a variety of manufacturers (chiefly Phänomen) before production ceased in 1944.

The Sd.Kfz. 10/4 was a self-propelled platform for the 2.0cm Flak 30 and 38 and was the earliest self-propelled platform for the Flak troops. The 1t. Zgkw was fitted with a special rear superstructure with folding sides, designed to give room for all-round traverse. Some ammunition was carried in bins attached to the sides of the superstructure but generally, a single-axle ammunition trailer was towed.

Some 610 examples served with both Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht units. Crew 7.

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