Commer Q2 15cwt. 4 x 2 Van

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Based on the successful pre-war Superpoise series, these Commer chassis were supplied to the Air Ministry for fitting with special integral bodywork by Malliners of Birmingham, powered by a 6 cylinder 3180cc engine, production started in July 1940. The body was of composite construction with wooden framework and floor, detachable hoopsticks and a canvas tilt.

The wheelarches were extended along both sides of the body to form lockers and the locker tops were fitted with upholstered squab to seat four passengers. The semi-rigid cab had a fixed canvas top and detachable side screens. The spare wheel was carried inside the body, strapped to a half bulkhead. They seem to have been used exclusively by the R.A.F. for the remainder of the war and on into the early 1950's.

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