le FH 18/2 auf. GwII Wespe

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The large distances and harsh conditions of war on the Eastern front dictated the need for self-propelled artillery systems. A number were trialled, but the "interim solution" decided upon was to mount the Army's standard light field howitzer on modified Panzer II chassis.

The engine was moved forward and the 10.5cm le FH 18/2 howitzer was mounted in an open-topped fighting compartment at the rear. A muzzle brake was added to the gun to reduce recoil and minor modifications were made to the suspension to better absorb recoil forces.

Production started in February 1943 and 676 had been completed when it stopped in July 1944. Wespes were issued to the artillery regiments of Panzer and Panzergrenadier divisions and served on all fronts until the end of the war. Crew 5.

Two Pz Beob Wg (kit IR-08) provided observation and recce support for each Wespe battery.

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