15cm. Grille Ausf. H

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The original order for 200 Grille specified the new self-propelled gun chassis then under development - the Sf 38(t) Ausf. M.    However, in February 1943, in order to make them available as soon as possible, Hitler agreed to the rear-engined Ausf. H chassis also being used.  

The 15cm. Rheinmetal Borsig howitzer was mounted in an open-topped fighting compartment.   It used two-part ammunition and storage was provided within the fighting compartment for both powder charges and shells.   Sixteen rounds were carried.   90 Grilles were built between February and April 1943.

They were issued to the heavy Infanteriegeschutz companies of Panzergrenadier regiments and served in Russia, Tunisia, Italy and France.   Crew 5.

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