Dodge 3/4 ton Command Car w/o winch

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The 4 x 4 WC-56 was one of the three-quarter ton series of vehicles introduced by Dodge in 1942 and over 21,000 were built before production ceased in 1944.   A further 6,000 were produced with a front-mounted winch (CLASSIC kit 943).

Both models saw extensive service in all theatres of World War 2.   Many were fitted with radios.   All were fitted with a map case and fold-away map table on the back of the front seats.

Such was the quality of the basic design, that many vehicles from this series were still in service with some of the smaller nations some 25 years after the end of the war.

The figures shown in the pictures are from the Accessory Pak range - pack A24 US Softskin Crew.

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