Panzer IIIJ FKL ( BIV Control Tank)

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The B IV Schwere Ladungstrager was a fully tracked vehicle (CLASSIC kit 965 or Restricted Issue kit IR-19) designed to carry and lay a demolition charge alongside of a static target.  The charge was then detonated remotely once the vehicle had withdrawn to a safe disctance.    The vehicle was driven manually to within striking distance of it's target, when the driver dismounted and the vehicle was remotely controlled by radio for the final phase of it's mission.

The Panzer IIIJ (Fkl) was the original control vehicle in B IV operations.   Four carriers could be subordinated to each tank and the command set could guide two carriers simultaneously.   It had a range of 2000m.   The control tanks were also used to provide covering fire as the carriers approached their target.

The system was widely used on the Eastern Front.

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