R.A.F. Ladder Van

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Four successful pre-war family saloon cars were used as the basis for the 5cwt. Light Utility trucks which served with all branches of the British Armed Forces during (and after) World War 2. These were the Austin 10, Hillman 'Minx', the Morris Series 'M' and the Standard Twelve.

The Austin, Hillman and Morris chassis were all fitted with similar bodies. These had fixed sides, with a drop tailboard and a detachable canvas tilt.

During 1941 and 1942 the Hillman was made with a full metal body, in two configurations, for the R.A.F.. The Convertible Van (Estate Car) had oblong windows cut in the rear sides and still carried the spare wheel on the cab roof. The Ladder Van featured in this kit carried the spare internally and was used as a service vehicle for airfield lighting.

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