B IV Ausf.B Demolition Vehicle

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The BIV Schwere Ladungstrager was designed to carry a heavy demolition charge to a specific target. The charge was then dropped and when the vehicle had withdrawn a safe distance, the charge was detonated. The BIV was driven manually to within striking distance of it's target. The driver dismounted and the vehicle could then be remotely controlled by radio for the final phase of it's operation.

Panzer III and Stug III were originally used as control vehicles for BIV operations. However, in August and September 1944, 301st. Panzerabteilung had their Stug IIIs replaced with Tigers.

Each of the four platoons (Zugs) had a Tiger as Platoon leader, and three other Tigers, each controlling three BIVs. A halftrack (SdKfz 251) carried back-up drivers and additional explosive charges.

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