MG - Doppelwagen (Type 36)

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In Germany the field vehicles, which was the general term for infantry carts and army field wagons, played an important role in the supplying and mobility of the troops right to the end of World War II. Of the more than 300 divisions of the German forces in 1944, only comparatively few were either armoured or even fully motorised. In well over 200 divisions, guns, limbers and field wagons were at least in part (if not totally) drawn by horses.

Some field vehicles, such as the light box wagon, served as provision or baggage wagons in various service arms. Other types, like the ammunition wagons for the artillery of infantry divisions or the gas wagons of the field airship units, were designed only for one very specific purpose.

One such type was the If.5 MG - Doppelwagen (Type 36) for the protection of infantry on the march. Pulled by two horses, it carried two MG-34s (later MG-42s) in a mount that could be turned 360 degrees horizontally, with elevation from minus 10 to plus 90 degrees. The rear wagon also carried the guns' equipment and ammunition as well as their normal ground mounts and could be braced by jacks for static operation. The gunners baggage was carried on the front wagon.

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