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US M39 Armoured Utility

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Based on the Hellcat chassis, the M39 was intended as a tractor for the 3" anti-tank gun, or as a recce vehicle or troop carrier.   Around 1500 were built from mid 1944 to 1945 and saw limited action in N.W. Europe.   Used extensively as a general utility in Korea.

U.S. M2A1 Half-track Car

Category: Classic Series | Price: £14.95

The M2 series of half-tracks were intended as armoured gun tractors, combat and recce vehicles.   M2 production started in May 1941 and 11415 had been built when it was switched to the M2A1 in September 1943.   1643 had been built when production ended in March 1944 and a further...

Carrier, Universal Mk I

Category: Classic Series | Price: £9.95

The "universal" carrier was designed to fulfil a number of roles with only minor changes, replacing the previously produced carriers designed to carry out specific tasks.   Used initially in the Western Desert and subsequently in all campaigns in all theatres.  ...

Carrier, Medium MG No 3, Mk I

Category: Classic Series | Price: £9.95

Introduced in 1943 to rectify one of the Universal Carrier's drawbacks - it's lack of heavy armament.   Fitted with a Vickers .303mg on a pedestal mount on top of the engine cover.

Carrier, Armoured OP No 1, Mk II

Category: Classic Series | Price: £9.95

The Universal Carrier modified as a command and observation vehicle for the Artillery.   The OP (Observation Post) carriers were fitted with a No.11 wireless set and carried a reel of telephone cable at the rear.   Crew, 3.

Sd.Kfz. 253 Artillery Command APC

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Half-track forward observation vehicle attached to Stug batteries for reconnaissance and observation of fire.   Served from the 1940 French campaign until the end of the war.

Comsomolyets Artillery Tractor

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

T8E1 Stuart Recce

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

During 1944, redundant M5/M5A1 chassis were officially converted to Recce vehicle T8.   A ring mounting for a .50cal. M2 HMG was positioned on the former turret ring.   The T8E1 had extra stowage racks inside and out to carry anti-tank mines. Removing the turret from light tanks...

M5 halftrack APC

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The M5 series of vehicles were built by the International Harvester Corporation (IHC) of homogenous steel armour which could be both welded and formed; the latter resulting in the obvious identification feature - smooth rounded rear corners.   At the front of the vehicle, flat section...

US M9A1 Recce Halftrack

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The M9 halftrack was the International Harvester Company's equivalent to the M2 halftrack car; fulfilling the role of armoured combat and reconnaissance vehicle and as a prime mover for artillery.    A total of 3433 vehicles were produced between  March 1943 and December...