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U.S. Infantry - walking

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Four walking figures with a variety of seperate arms and weapons.

U.S. BAR Teams walking

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Four walking figures with weapons slung on shoulders.   Two carrying BARs and two with M1 Carbines and BAR ammo boxes.   Spare arms carrying BAR ammo boxes.

U.S. 1 ton Cargo Trailer

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £3.95

U.S. "Ben Hur" 1 ton cargo trailler.   Kit includes slatted side and end extensions for displaying without the tilt cover.

U.S. Drivers

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Six seated figures in assorted poses.   Seperate sprue of personal weapons.

US M8 Greyhound

Category: Classic Series | Price: £10.50

A total of 8,523 M8 Light Armoured Cars (dubbed "Greyhound" by the British) were produced between March 1943 and May 1945.   Armed with a 37mm gun and a co-axial mg in the turret.   They were fast and with a good cross-country performance.   Used for recce by...

US M20 armoured Utility

Category: Classic Series | Price: £10.50

Open-topped version of the M8 Light Armoured Car, with a .50 cal MG ring mount.   Used as a field commander's car and as a highly mobile APC and cargo carrier.   3,791 built from 1943-45.

US M18 Hellcat

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The M18 GMC (Gun Motor Carriage) was standardised in February 1944 and 2,507 were built before production ceased in October 1944.   Used very successfully by U.S. tank destroyer battalions in Italy and N.W.Europe.   Low silhouette, fast and well armed, it was one of the best tank...

US M39 Armoured Utility

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Based on the Hellcat chassis, the M39 was intended as a tractor for the 3" anti-tank gun, or as a recce vehicle or troop carrier.   Around 1500 were built from mid 1944 to 1945 and saw limited action in N.W. Europe.   Used extensively as a general utility in Korea.

U.S. M2A1 Half-track Car

Category: Classic Series | Price: £14.95

The M2 series of half-tracks were intended as armoured gun tractors, combat and recce vehicles.   M2 production started in May 1941 and 11415 had been built when it was switched to the M2A1 in September 1943.   1643 had been built when production ended in March 1944 and a further...

US M4A3(76) Sherman

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

This vehicle featured the later 47 degree hull front and 76mm M1A1 gun, with or without a muzzle brake, mounted in the larger T23 turret.   Production started in February 1944 and they were available in time for the Normandy landings.