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US M9A1 Recce Halftrack

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The M9 halftrack was the International Harvester Company's equivalent to the M2 halftrack car; fulfilling the role of armoured combat and reconnaissance vehicle and as a prime mover for artillery.    A total of 3433 vehicles were produced between  March 1943 and December...

US M5A1 Halftrack APC

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The M5 series of halftrack vehicles was manufactured by the International Harvester Compant (IHC).   M5s were built from homogenous steel armour which could be both welded and formed: the latter resulting in the obvious identification feature -smooth, round rear corners.  ...

US M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The M8 mounted a 75mm howitzer in a large open-topped turret on the hull of the M5 light tank.   It was designed as a close support artillery vehicle to be operated at HQ level in medium tank battalions.   M8s first saw combat in Italy in mid-1943 and thereafter served in all...

U.S. M3 half-track APC

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The M3 half-track was developed as a personnel carrier for U.S. armoured infantry units, but proved to be very adaptable for a variety of other roles.   The first was accepted into service in May 1941 and a total of 12,391 were built before production switched to the M3A1.

U.S. M3A1 half-track APC

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The first M3A1s were delivered into service in October 1943.   Externally they differed from the M3 by having an armoured ring-mount for the .50cal..   There were also changes to the internal stowage.   2862 were built and a further 1360 were converted from surplus 75mm...

M4 Tankdozer

Category: Classic Series | Price: £15.95

As a Tankdozer, the standard Sherman had considerable obstacle-clearing ability and enabled combat engineers to operate under heavy fire. The pilot was produced in June 1943 and quickly standardised as the "bulldozer, tank mounting, M1".   1957 tankdozer conversion kits had been...

U.S. 105mm Howitzer M2

Category: Gunpak | Price: £7.95

The 105mm Howitzer M2 was first used in action in North Africa in 1942.   It went on to become the most used U.S. Army field artillery weapon of World War 2.   It was a popular and handy weapon that was used in almost every theatre of the war.   It could fire thirteen...

U.S. 3in Anti-tank Gun M5

Category: Gunpak | Price: £7.95

The 3in. Light Gun M5 was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1939.   Sharing a common carriage, breech and recoil mechanism with the new 105mm Howitzer M2 it first saw action in North Africa in 1942.   The 3in. was the best anti-tank gun that the U.S. army had in North Africa and was...

Dodge 3/4 ton WC with winch

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The 4 x 4 Weapons Carrier WC-51 was part of the range of three-quarter ton vehicles introduced by Dodge in 1942 (CLASSIC kit 937).   Over 120,000 were procuced before production ended in 1945.   A further 59,000 were built with a front-mounted winch (WC-52) and is the type...

Dodge 3/4 ton Command Car w/o winch

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The 4 x 4 WC-56 was one of the three-quarter ton series of vehicles introduced by Dodge in 1942 and over 21,000 were built before production ceased in 1944.   A further 6,000 were produced with a front-mounted winch (CLASSIC kit 943). Both models saw extensive service in all theatres...