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U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer (late model)

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

The Gun Motor Carriage (GMC) M10 was standardised with the US Army in June 1942 and first saw action in Tunisia in March 1943.   It featured the high velocity 3in. (76.2mm) anti-aircraft gun M7 in an open-topped turret mounted on a modified M4A2 chassis. During it's production...

Sherman 1 Hybrid

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The M4 series was the most widely produced Allied tank of World War 2.   It was not particularly well armoured, or equipped with a very powerful gun - but, it was fast, rugged, reliable, uncomplicated and simple to maintain. The vehicle depicted in this kit was produced from mid-1944...

U.S. M36 B1 Tank Destroyer

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £14.50

After the invasion of Normandy, the Americans quickly discovered that the only gun they had that was capable of defeating the heavier German armour was the 90mm anti-aircraft gun, M1.  Installed in an open-topped turret on the M10A1 chassis, this vehicle became the M36 Tank Destroyer. In an...

U.S. M4 A3 (105) Howitzer Tank

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The main reason for the large number of marks of Sherman (M4 through M4A6) was the constant shortage of engines.   There were never enough of one type to enable production to be standardised. Vehicles armed with the US 105mm howitzer, M4A3 (as here) and M4 (CLASSIC kit 956) were used by...

Dodge 1.5ton 6x6 Truck with winch

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

Between 1943 and 1945, a little over 43,000 of the Dodge 1.5 ton 6x6 were manufactured, 20,000 with front-mounted winch (WC63).   It was specialised for infantry squad use as by 1943 the standard US Army infantry squad had increased in size from eight to twelve men. It was limited in terms...

US M4A1 81mm Mortar Carrier

Category: Classic Series | Price: £15.95

The M4/M4A1 Mortar Carriers were based on the M2 Half-track car.   The hull was modified by the addition of a rear door.   The mortar was mounted on a fixed baseplate to fire over the rear of the vehicle. Limitations of the M4 in action had showed that the mortar needed to be...

M2 Half-track, mid production

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £14.95

The M2 series were intended as armoured combat and recce vehicles and as artillery prime movers.   Production of the M2 started in May 1941and 11,415 had been built by the Autocar and White Motor Companies when production switched to the M2A1 (CLASSIC Kit 099) in September 1943.