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Morris C4 Mk.1 Wireless Truck

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The C4 Mk I was introduced some time in 1941.   It replaced the earlier CS8, but was fitted with a metal half-cab and a full width windscreen.   However, it had the same short wheelbase of the CS8 and consequently inherited the poor handling qualities caused by the large rear...

Ford WOT2E 15 cwt G.S. Truck

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The ford WOT2 chassis was in production throughout World War 2, with periodic improvements and changes. The majority were fitted with G.S. bodies and were known as infantry trucks. On the early models, little concern was shown for their comfort, as canvas tilts were not provided. A semi-enclosed...

R.M. Centaur IV 95mm C.S

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

An essential feature of Leyland's A27 cruiser tank design was the Rolls Royce Meteor engine, an adaptation of the famous Merlin aero-engine. However, due to initial shortages of the Meteor power plant, an interim version powered by the Liberty engine of the Crusader was produced. Liberty powered...

R.A.F. Ladder Van

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £10.50

Four successful pre-war family saloon cars were used as the basis for the 5cwt. Light Utility trucks which served with all branches of the British Armed Forces during (and after) World War 2. These were the Austin 10, Hillman 'Minx', the Morris Series 'M' and the Standard...

Valentine Mk X

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

The main drawback with the Valentine was the small turret, where the commander also had to act as the gun loader.   The Mks III and IV had the turret enlarged to accomodate a loader.   They were both up-gunned with thw 6 pdr. to become the Mks VIII and IX respectively, but the...

Commer Q4 3-ton G.S. (early)

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

The very successful pre-war Superpoise chassis with an all-steel "Diaflex" fully enclosed cab was adapted for military use in several different categories.   The 3-ton Q4 was adapted from the civilian 4-5 tonner.   The Q4 was produced in load-carrier form in large...

R.A.F. Commer Q2 Tractor Unit

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The Commer 4 x 2 tractor was introduced in 1939.   Used by the RAF and the Navy, it was fitted with a Tasker coupling for "Queen Mary" and other semi-trailers.   Many hundreds were produced during the war years.

R.A.F. Bedford OXC Tractor unit

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The most numerous of the OX range.   Production started in 1939.   They were designed to tow semi-trailers, of which there were a large variety.   The most famous and longest serving was the Queen Mary Aircraft recovery trailer which was used well into the post-war...