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Airborne Radio Trailer

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £3.95

British 10cwt Airborne Radio Trailer.   No.22 Radio Set, Para operator and two battery carriers.

B IV C Heavy Demolition Vehicle

Category: Classic Series | Price: £10.50

The BIV Ausf.C was introduced in December 1943 and was designed to carry a heavy demolition charge to a specific target.   These vehicles equipped special Panzer abteillungen and were remotely guided to their target by control tanks (see RESTRICTED ISSUE Kit IR-12).   305 Ausf.C...

Panzer IV Ausf. E

Category: Classic Series | Price: £13.50

223 Ausf.E were produced between September 1940 and April 1941.  They had bolted-on additional armour and a re-designed turret.   They served in the Balkans, North Africa and Russia.   Some were still in service in early 1944.

Sd. Kfz 250/1 'Alte'

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Designed to carry a half-squad for recce missions, the Sd.Kfz.259 entered service in June 1941.   Large numbers were built and saw service on all fronts throughout the war.   Also used as the base vehicle for a number of special purpose variants available in the CLASSIC...

Morris C4 Mk II 15cwt GS Truck

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The British used large numbers of 15cwt. trucks throughout World War II.   The C4 Mk.II was introduced in 1942.   The wheelbase was lengthened by 9" to solve the weight distribution problems suffered by it's predecessors, the CS8 and C4.

Stug III Ausf. E

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The Stug III was developed as an infantry close-support weapon, based on the Panzer III chassis.   Production of the Ausf.E started in September 1941 and 272 had been built by March 1942 when production switched to the more powerfully armed Ausf.F.

Mercedes Light Repair Vehicle Kfz 2/4

Category: Classic Series | Price: £9.95

19,000 of the Mercedes "Kubel" were produced between 1938 and 1942.   The Kfz.2/40 was equipped to carry out light field repairs.   This kit features sidescreens and provides alternative parts for the roof to be modelled up or down.

Panzer III Ausf. J

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

1,549 were produced from March 1941 to July 1942.   It was the first model of the Panzer III series to have the basic armour protection increased to 50mm.   The long-barrelled 5cm KwK39 L/60was introduced in December 1941 on Hitler's express order.   The kit...

Hillman 5cwt Light Utility

Category: Classic Series | Price: £9.95

Four successful pre-war family saloon cars were used as the basis for the 5cwt. Light Utility trucks which served with all branches of the British Armed Forces during (and after) World War 2. These were the Austin 10, Hillman "Minx"™, the Morris Series "M"™ and the...

R.A.F. De-icer van

Category: Classic Series | Price: £13.50

The Commer Q2 R.A.F. Pre-heater Van carried a hot-air aircraft de-icing plant.    The body was of all metal construction and housed a TECALEMIT pre-heater unit comprising petrol burner with magneto ignition, petrol pump, tachometer and fan - all belt driven by a power take-off from...