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RAF Crash Tender Crew.

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £3.95

Crew in "standby" mode - NOT action poses.   Five standing figures in varied uniform styles, including one in asbestos firefighting suit with helmet flap open.  Seated driver figure.  Spare heads with side caps.

WAAF On Parade

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Five standing female figures.   Four (all different) at "attention" with one Officer/NCO reviewing.

German Cavalry Boxed Set

Category: Classic Series | Price: £16.95

In 1937/38 the Germans formed four LEICHTE DIVISIONEN as fast, highly mobile, semi-mechanised formations - the (then) modern equivalent to the old cavalry. Each had one or two Cavalry Rifle Regiments, each organised into two or three rifle Battalions, each typically of three horsed rifle Squadrons...

German Heavy Field Wagon Hf.2

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.95

The German armament industry was not capable of thoroughly motorising a force the size of the Wehrmacht, or of supplying it with the necessary fuel or lubricants.   In the vast majority of the over 300 divisions making up the German forces in 1944 the norm was for guns, limbers and field...