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SS Panzergrenadiers - seated

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Four seated figures in a variety of positions, plus one kneeling figure.   All in late-war uniforms.   A variety of arms and weapons included.

SS Cavalry Trooper

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

World War 2 SS Cavalry Trooper in relaxed pose with horse walking.   The horse and rider are supplied with seperate sprues giving all the equipment normally carried, including Kar 98K rifle.

sIG 33 Crew

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Five figures, shown here with the German 15cm Heavy Infantry Gun, sIG 33 (GUNpak kit G14)   For more pictures, see the G14 listing.

German Infantry - walking

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Four walking figures with a variety of seperate arms and weapons.   All are wearing early war uniforms and "jackboots".

German Drivers

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Six seated figures in various poses.   Assorted dress modes.

German Cavalry Officer

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

German Draught Horses

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

Large parts of the Wehrmacht remained horse-drawn throughout the war.   These two horses are "German" because of the style of the harness.

German Radio Team

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £2.95

German Infantry 2-man radio team in standing position.

MG - Doppelwagen (Type 36)

Category: Classic Series | Price: £19.95

In Germany the field vehicles, which was the general term for infantry carts and army field wagons, played an important role in the supplying and mobility of the troops right to the end of World War II. Of the more than 300 divisions of the German forces in 1944, only comparatively few were either...

Panzer II Ausf D

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Designed as a high speed recce tank, the hull, superstructure and suspension were of an entirely different design to the normal Panzer II series.   The turret remained the same.   Produced in limited numbers, they saw action in Poland.   They were withdrawn from service...