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U.S. M36 B1 Tank Destroyer

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £14.50

After the invasion of Normandy, the Americans quickly discovered that the only gun they had that was capable of defeating the heavier German armour was the 90mm anti-aircraft gun, M1.  Installed in an open-topped turret on the M10A1 chassis, this vehicle became the M36 Tank Destroyer. In an...

U.S. M4 A3 (105) Howitzer Tank

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The main reason for the large number of marks of Sherman (M4 through M4A6) was the constant shortage of engines.   There were never enough of one type to enable production to be standardised. Vehicles armed with the US 105mm howitzer, M4A3 (as here) and M4 (CLASSIC kit 956) were used by...

R.M. Centaur IV 95mm C.S

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

An essential feature of Leyland's A27 cruiser tank design was the Rolls Royce Meteor engine, an adaptation of the famous Merlin aero-engine. However, due to initial shortages of the Meteor power plant, an interim version powered by the Liberty engine of the Crusader was produced. Liberty powered...

Fiat AS37 with Breda 20mm cannon

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

Manufactured by SPA (a FIAT subsidiary) from 1937 until 1948, the Autocarro Sahariano (Saharan Lorry) was a 4 x 4 truck with four-wheel steering and independant coil-spring suspension.   It was used as a personnel carrier and also as the platform for a number of self-propelled guns. The...