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Bedford OYD 3-ton G.S.

Category: Classic Series | Price: £13.95

The 3-ton truck was the prime military transport for the British Army in World War Two and the most numerous of the three tonners was the Bedford OYD. The OY was introduced in 1939 and almost 72500 had been made when production was halted in 1945.   The OY remained in service for many...

Renault AGC 1.5ton G.S. Truck

Category: Classic Series | Price: £13.95

A militarised version of the 1936 ADK, the AGC was first produced in 1938.   Approximately 2300 had been delivered to the French Army by the end of May 1940.   After the armistice, production continued for the Wehrmacht from early 1941.

Crossley Q 3-ton 4x4 Flatbed

Category: Classic Series | Price: £15.95

The 3-ton Crossley Q entered service with the R.A.F. in July 1940 and 7406 had been produced when production ceased in 1945.   The chassis was fitted with a variety of body types (produced by various manufacturers) fulfilling various roles.   The archaic-looking cab was nicknamed...

Crossley Airfield Crash Tender

Category: Classic Series | Price: £19.95

The Crossley 4x4 Airfield Crash Tender was introduced in 1940 and served with the R.A.F. throughout the war and on into the 1950s   They were used in all theatres of the war, including North West Europe after D-Day.   They were fitted with foam-generating equipment and could...

Commer Q4 3-ton G.S. (early)

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

The very successful pre-war Superpoise chassis with an all-steel "Diaflex" fully enclosed cab was adapted for military use in several different categories.   The 3-ton Q4 was adapted from the civilian 4-5 tonner.   The Q4 was produced in load-carrier form in large...