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Russian SU-76i Tank Destroyer

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The Russians captured around 200 Panzer IIIs of various marks during the battle for Stalingrad and decided to re-arm them with a standard Soviet weapon.   A simple armoured box was welded on top of the Panzer III hull and an F-34 76.2mm gun fitted.   This kit is based on the...

T-34/85 Model 1943

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

Analysis of the Battle of Kursk showed that the T-34 needed to be able to defeat the thicker German Armour from a longer range.  There were three different 85mm gun options, but none would fit into the existing turret, so a new 3-man turret was designed.   The ZIS-53 gun was...

Comsomolyets Artillery Tractor

Category: Classic Series | Price: £10.95

Russian T-60A Light Tank

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Production of the T-60 began in July 1941.    The original version (Model 1941) was superceded by the T-60A (Model 1942) from the middle of 1942.   The T-60 could be produced in small factories not capable of handling the T-34 and although obsolete, was kept in production...

Russian T-60 Mod 41

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Production  of the light tank T-60 began in July 1941.   The original version (Model 1941) had spoked wheels.   It was powered by a 3485cc GAZ truck engine and mounted a 20mm gun with a co-axial MG.   The T-60 could be produced in small factories not capable of...

Russian 76.2mm ZIS-3

Category: Gunpak | Price: £7.45

Russian experience of previous field gun design and operation led to the model 1942.   A double-baffle muzzle brake was added to the barrel of the model 1939 and this was mounted on a new carriage with split-pole trails.   The resulting gun was light and manoeverable and very...

Russian 57mm ZIS-2

Category: Gunpak | Price: £7.45

The M1941 ZIS-2 was an efficient dual purpose anti-tank/field gun that was just about to enter service when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union.  The later M1943 model used the split-trail carriage of the 1942 model 76mm field gun, ZIS-3.   Armour penetration was 140mm at 500m and in...

Russian 45mm M42 Anti-tank gun

Category: Gunpak | Price: £4.95

The Russians updated their Model 1937 45mm anti-tank gun by lengthening the barrel from 46 to 66 calibres.   The breech block was strengthened and disc wheels replaced the earlier wire wheels.   Armour penetration increased by some 50% to 55mm at 1000m, 95mm at 300m.  ...

Russian 45mm M1937 with limber

Category: Gunpak | Price: £4.95

First introduced in 1932 this was essentially a scaled-up version of the Wehrmacht's Pak 35/36, but fitted with wire wheels.   Minor modifications were introduced in 1937.   A useful light anti-tank gun in it's day.   Captured examples pressed into service by...