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Stug III Ausf. F

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

Initially developed as an infantry close-support weapon, the Stug III was increasingly used in the ant-tank role as the war progressed.   The Ausf.F featured increased armour protection and a more powerful gun and was introduced in March 1942.   359 were built and they all served...

Russian SU-76i Tank Destroyer

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The Russians captured around 200 Panzer IIIs of various marks during the battle for Stalingrad and decided to re-arm them with a standard Soviet weapon.   A simple armoured box was welded on top of the Panzer III hull and an F-34 76.2mm gun fitted.   This kit is based on the...

Stug III Ausf. E

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The Stug III was developed as an infantry close-support weapon, based on the Panzer III chassis.   Production of the Ausf.E started in September 1941 and 272 had been built by March 1942 when production switched to the more powerfully armed Ausf.F.

Sd.Kfz.250/10 le SPW with 3.7cm Pak

Category: Classic Series | Price: £11.95

The Sd.Kfz.250/10 mounted the 3.7cm Pak in place of the forward mg.   It was intended to provide some fire-support for recce. troops and initially the gun was protected by the same shield as on the field carriage.   This gave the vehicle a very high silhouette and was...

UNIC P-107 with 2cm Flak 38

Category: Classic Series | Price: £15.95

Manufacture of the UNIC P-107 half-track light artillery tractor began in November 1938 and over 3000 had been produced up to the fall of France. A large proportion of these ended up in Wehrmacht service, where they were collectively known as Leichter Zugkraftwagen U 304(f) Some were used in their...

B IV Panzer Jaeger

Category: Classic Series | Price: £10.95

In the last months of the war desperate measures were employed to try and halt the advance of the Red army. Lack of resources meant that "interim solutions" had to use whatever was available. One of the priorities was for mobile anti-tank weapons and to this end a battery of six...

Sd. Kfz 10/4 with 2.0cm Flak 38

Category: Classic Series | Price: £15.95

In Germany, design work started as early as 1926 on a planned series of half-tracked prime movers as artillery towing vehicles and transports for engineer and other specialist units. Development of the Sd.Kfz10 light platoon/section tractor, capable of towing a 1-tonne load began in 1932 and the...

le FH 18/2 auf. GwII Wespe

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

The large distances and harsh conditions of war on the Eastern front dictated the need for self-propelled artillery systems. A number were trialled, but the "interim solution" decided upon was to mount the Army's standard light field howitzer on modified Panzer II chassis. The engine...

T-34 Flakvierling

Category: Classic Series | Price: £15.95

This unique conversion was built by the field workshops of Schw. Panzerjäger Abteilung 653 in Galicia / Poland in late Spring 1944 and was used to provide AA protection for the headquarters. The turret was constructed from armour plates salvaged from wrecked halftracks and housed a...

Sturminfanteriegeschutz 33B

Category: Classic Series | Price: £12.50

Long before the start of World War II, the Wehrmacht had identified the need for a weapon capable of demolishing houses with two or three rounds, to be available in street-fighting situations.   The 15cm sIG could do the job, but earlier attempts to mount it on an armoured chassis had not...