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Airborne Trailer - sheeted.

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £3.95

British lightweight 10cwt Airborne Trailer with tied down canvas cover.   Seperate jacks - raised for travel, lowered for rest.   Not the same trailer as modelled by Airfix. FOR TRAILER PICS (OPEN) SEE A79

Airborne Radio Trailer

Category: Accessory Pak | Price: £3.95

British 10cwt Airborne Radio Trailer.   No.22 Radio Set, Para operator and two battery carriers.

Commer Q2 tractor and trailer set

Category: Classic Series | Price: £16.95

The Commer 4 x 2 tractor was introduced in 1939.   Many hundreds were produced during the war years where they were used by the R.A.F. and Navy.   They were fitted with a Tasker coupling for 'Queen Mary' and other semi-trailers.   The Tasker 33ft. semi trailer...

Bedford/Scammell Combo

Category: Classic Series | Price: £13.95

Tractor/semi-trailer combinations were mainly used by the R.A.F. in a variety of guises, but were also used by the Army as load carriers.   This pairing features a Bedford OXC tractor unit and a 15ft. Scammell platform semi-trailer, also widely used by civilian contractors post-war. The...