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3cm Flak 103/38 Auf Steyr 1500A

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £16.95

This vehicle represents one of the many improvised self-propelled mounts pressed into service towards the end of the war and saw the 3cm Flak 103/38 mounted on the load bed of the Steyr 1500 4 x 4 Light Truck.   The troops called the combination "Jaboschreck" - fighter-bomber...

Morris C4 Mk.1 Wireless Truck

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The C4 Mk I was introduced some time in 1941.   It replaced the earlier CS8, but was fitted with a metal half-cab and a full width windscreen.   However, it had the same short wheelbase of the CS8 and consequently inherited the poor handling qualities caused by the large rear...

Ford WOT2E 15 cwt G.S. Truck

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £12.95

The ford WOT2 chassis was in production throughout World War 2, with periodic improvements and changes. The majority were fitted with G.S. bodies and were known as infantry trucks. On the early models, little concern was shown for their comfort, as canvas tilts were not provided. A semi-enclosed...

Dodge 1.5ton 6x6 Truck with winch

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

Between 1943 and 1945, a little over 43,000 of the Dodge 1.5 ton 6x6 were manufactured, 20,000 with front-mounted winch (WC63).   It was specialised for infantry squad use as by 1943 the standard US Army infantry squad had increased in size from eight to twelve men. It was limited in terms...

Fiat AS37 with Breda 20mm cannon

Category: Restricted Issue | Price: £13.50

Manufactured by SPA (a FIAT subsidiary) from 1937 until 1948, the Autocarro Sahariano (Saharan Lorry) was a 4 x 4 truck with four-wheel steering and independant coil-spring suspension.   It was used as a personnel carrier and also as the platform for a number of self-propelled guns. The...